Criminalization of pregnancy/Criminalización del embarazo

Criminalization of pregnancy. A war on reproduction.

By Feminist Research on Violence Collective.

Elizabeth Downer, Susana Draper, Alejandra Estigarribia, Silvia Federici, Anna Fox, Lewanne Jones, Jesal Kapadia, Belén Marco-Crespo, Alice Markham-Cantor, and Begonia Santa-Cecilia.

Extract from the pamphlet

A pamphlet where we look at the criminalization of pregnancy, to highlight by what means this new war on women is being waged, what it represents, who it targets, and how we can struggle against it. Our argument, following that of Dorothy Roberts in Killing the Black Body (1997), is that the ‘criminalization of pregnancy,’ though justified in the name of the defense of life, is actually a case of ‘maternity denied.’ A core tenet of the reproductive justice movement, founded and developed by Black women, is the idea that true justice ensures not only that one has the right not to have a child, but that one has the right to have a child and to raise that child in a safe world. Black women-led reproductive justice organizations like SisterSong have long called attention to the issue of maternity denied. (In the last section of this pamphlet, we reference just a few of the organizations doing this crucial work.) Download the pamphlet here.

Arrests of and Forced Interventions on Pregnant Women in the United States, 1973-2005

In this article, researchers Lynn M. Paltrow, from National Advocates for Pregnant Women, and Jeanne Flavin, from Fordham University report and analyze on 413 cases from 1973 to 2005 in which a woman’s pregnancy was a necessary factor leading to attempted and actual deprivations of a woman’s physical liberty. Download here