Research and Struggle / Investigación y Luchas

The Latin American Green Tide. Desire and Feminist Transversality

by Cecilia Palmeiro

An essay about popular feminism in Latiamerica today. “A popular feminism, of the streets, of the favelas, of blackness, of queerness, of youth, against militarisation and the war on drugs — a micropolitics that is beginning to find its way into macropolitics.” Download here

“Wine vat witches suffocate children” The Mythical Components of the Iberian Witch

by Paul Castell Granados

At the beginning of the 15th century, a new type of crime emerged in different parts of Europe. It was characterized by night flights to diabolical assemblies, apostasy, pacts with the Devil, and by causing illness and death through various means. The men and women found guilty of this crime received different names in the contemporary sources, such as streghe, hexen,vaudois, sorcieres or bruxas, thus attesting to the various traditions behind the birth of this phenomenon. Some of those names clearly referred to an anti-heretical tradition, while others were related to maleficent magic, or evoked mythical figures associated with nocturnal attacks. During the last decades, several authors have focused on those different traditions in an attempt to understand the emergence of this new crime of witchcraft in late medieval Europe.


Hacia un análisis feminista y dialéctico de la globalización neoliberal: el peso del complejo militar-­industrial sobre las «mujeres globales»

Patriarcado: del borde al centro. Disciplinamiento, territorialidad y crueldad en la fase apocalíptica del capital

por Rita Segato

“La intervención colonial, del pasado y del presente, enlo que he llamado “el mundo aldea” (Segato 2015-a y b) ha terminado por “minorizar” todo lo querespecta a las mujeres.” Descargar aquí

Economic Development Not Only Destroys the Land and Sustenance for Indigenous Communities

by Harsha Walia

Every morning this week I have woken up to my email inbox and social media feed filled with inspiring stories and images of resistance as part of the Idle No More and Defenders of the Land call for Sovereignty Summer. Sovereignty Summer is “a campaign of coordinated non-violent direct actions to promote Indigenous rights and environmental protection in alliance with non-Indigenous supporters.”

Colonialism in North America has been designed to ensure the forced displacement of Indigenous peoples from their territories, the destruction of autonomy and self-determination within Indigenous governance, and the attempted assimilation of Indigenous cultures and traditions. This has been justified through racist civilizing discourses, such as the discovery doctrine and terra nullius, which uphold the political and legal right for colonial powers to conquer supposedly barren Indigenous lands.