August 6 at 6pm at Washington Square: Scarfazo/Pañuelazo: Action to demand Legal Abortion NOW in Argentina!

We gather on August 6 at 6pm at the Washington Square Park to demand “Legal Abortion Now!” Bring something green!
As in many other countries in the world, abortion is still a crime in Argentina. But on June 14th the House of Representatives passed a decriminalization and legalization bill. This August 8th is the Senate’s time to vote. Thousand of women in Argentina and across the globe will gather to demand “Legal Abortion Now!” Bring a green scarf (or any green piece of clothing) to take a group picture that will show senators in Argentina that New York is also watching.
This video shows a powerful collective action named “Operación araña” that took place on the subways of Buenos Aires on July 31st.