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The Latin American Green Tide. Desire and Feminist Transversality

By Cecilia Palmeiro

Let’s turn abortion rights into the vanguard of social transformation, and not just into one more business opportunity for the pharmaceutical and health industries, as it is the case in the USA. Abortion rights and the transversality this struggle inspires can be weapons to fight the multiple forms of violence against women on a global scale.Cecilia Palmeiro The Latin American green tide

August 6 at 6pm at Washington Square: Scarfazo/Pañuelazo: Action to demand Legal Abortion NOW in Argentina!

We gather on August 6 at 6pm at the Washington Square Park to demand “Legal Abortion Now!” Bring something green!
As in many other countries in the world, abortion is still a crime in Argentina. But on June 14th the House of Representatives passed a decriminalization and legalization bill. This August 8th is the Senate’s time to vote. Thousand of women in Argentina and across the globe will gather to demand “Legal Abortion Now!” Bring a green scarf (or any green piece of clothing) to take a group picture that will show senators in Argentina that New York is also watching.
This video shows a powerful collective action named “Operación araña” that took place on the subways of Buenos Aires on July 31st.

August 6-12 #FreeThemAll National Week of Action – NYC event

This is a Week of Actions to Demand the Immediate Release of ALL Criminalized Survivors. Here is the New York City event:

Sharing Stories of Self-Defense and Survival in the #MeToo Era
Organized by Survived and Punished New York
Thursday, August 9, 2018 (6:30-8:30pm)
Asian American Writers Workshop, 110-112 West 27th Street, Suite 600, New York, NY 10001

As the #MeToo Movement brought gender violence to the forefront of the national conversation, New York State has continued to criminalize and incarcerate survivors of gender violence at an alarming rate. The Survived and Punished #FreeThemNY Campaign is demanding that Governor Cuomo commute the sentences of survivors of gender violence who are in prison throughout New York State. A huge portion of survivors, overwhelmingly Black women, are unsupported and unaccounted for by the mainstream anti-violence and anti-domestic violence movement, leading to a gap in the national conversation around the #MeToo Movement. This event is part of the National #FreeThemAll Week of Action. Our local event will increase awareness for incarcerated survivors by sharing their stories and elevate our demand that Governor Cuomo commute their sentences.

Adentro de la caracola hay mar

por Mariana Menéndez y María Noel Sosa

Se dice que dentro de una caracola está el mar. Para nosotras adentro de cada abrazo caracol que nos hemos dado en los últimos años fluye un mar feminista, capaz de ser fuente de fuerza para todas y cada una de nosotras. En la preparación de un nuevo paro y movilización del 8 de marzo, nuestro modo de estar en las calles es memoria y estética nueva de este tiempo de rebeldía de las mujeres. 

Power Upside Down: Women’s Global Strike

by Transnational Social Strike Platform

The first global women’s strike on March 8th 2017 was an unprecedented experience, with the ability to catalyze a moment of exceptional intensity, synthesizing women’s mobilizations against violence and oppression across the world. Accounts and experiences from that strike were collected in our first reader. As Transnational Social Strike Platform, we find that the astonishing circulation capacity of the strike, and its social and transnational dimension, confirm its potential to be the political pivot of a new global movement. By bringing the fight against patriarchal violence both into the work-place and into society by utilising the strike as political refusal of violence and exploitation, women have established unexpected connections between different subjects and fields of struggle. This mobilisation proved not to be a mere isolated experiment, but rather opened up a field of possibility that resulted in a new call for a global strike on March 8th 2018. This second date is considered, not as a recurring ritual, but more accurately as a sign of the persistence of the strike. On these grounds and shared perspective of struggle, we invited women from different countries between Europe and the Americas to discuss the ways in which they are approaching the strike now.


Bloquear y transformar

por Veronica Gago


#NosotrasParamos La voz colectiva que construye el internacionalismo de la medida del paro de mujeres para el próximo 8 de marzo. Transversalidad, alianza y transformación de un tiempo que ha dado tanta fuerza como malas noticias: la feminización de la pobreza aumenta, los femicidios no paran y la visibilidad de los casos de abuso demuestra que la impunidad ha sido la norma.