When the rapist is a ‘comrade’ Reflections on power and silence, violence and vendetta

An article by Italian feminist, Laura Corradi. Translated by Miriam Gioia Sessa. An article in response to one more case of violence carried out by an activist against a woman of his organization. As so often in these cases not only his comrades but even some of the women involved have opposed to openly criticize and discuss it, as presumably this would be exploited by the Right. Corradi present a powerful argument against this practice. We publish it because what has been taking place in Italy is far from unique, and it is crucial that women who call themselves feminists do not find justification for a behavior that perpetuates the worse forms of patriarchal power and is destructive of the efforts we are making to create more just society. “In a city we cannot name, in a social centre we cannot name, during a national meeting we cannot name, a woman comrade was raped by a male “comrade”. Download article here.

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