Voluntary Termination of Debt

Luci Cavallero & Verónica Gago
Translated by Liz Mason-Deese

The feminist movement in Argentina, and across Latin America, has gained force and strength in recent years. That movement can be characterized not only by its massiveness in terms of the number of people on the streets, but also for how it has opened up debates and circulated concepts and diagnoses about multiple issues. That broad, heterogeneous, and complex arch includes issues ranging from abortion to debt. However, the movement goes a step further, connecting those problems, creating subterranean links and intersections that have grown to be part of a new common vocabulary and unprecedented form of collective comprehension. Therefore, it is not only an agenda, although it is also that. The feminist movement politicizes issues that were long considered marginal or to only  concern a minority, or that had been hijacked by groups of experts. It also connects areas of the exploitation of life that appear to be disconnected or are treated as independent variables by mainstream economics.


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