Power Upside Down: Women’s Global Strike

by Transnational Social Strike Platform

The first global women’s strike on March 8th 2017 was an unprecedented experience, with the ability to catalyze a moment of exceptional intensity, synthesizing women’s mobilizations against violence and oppression across the world. Accounts and experiences from that strike were collected in our first reader. As Transnational Social Strike Platform, we find that the astonishing circulation capacity of the strike, and its social and transnational dimension, confirm its potential to be the political pivot of a new global movement. By bringing the fight against patriarchal violence both into the work-place and into society by utilising the strike as political refusal of violence and exploitation, women have established unexpected connections between different subjects and fields of struggle. This mobilisation proved not to be a mere isolated experiment, but rather opened up a field of possibility that resulted in a new call for a global strike on March 8th 2018. This second date is considered, not as a recurring ritual, but more accurately as a sign of the persistence of the strike. On these grounds and shared perspective of struggle, we invited women from different countries between Europe and the Americas to discuss the ways in which they are approaching the strike now.


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